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Matt Pascucci Illustration












About the Artist



Matt Pascucci is a Lexington, KY based artist, specializing in large-scale, charcoal artwork, and bright, contrasting acrylic paintings. A zealot for perfection and technical accuracy, Matt balances this unwavering attention to detail with an eye toward fluid, contemporary artwork.

Of this artistic philosophy come somewhat three-dimensional drawings that impress from a distance, but require intimate study to truly appreciate the minutia packed into every square inch. Matt’s skill lies in capturing the moment of focus, with subjects ranging from horse-racing to still life and personal portraits to mountainous scenery.

His paintings on the other hand, are sweeping epics, teetering on the edge of realism and Impressionism. With a bent toward nature scenes, Matt swings between fiction and reality, blending colors and shapes into whatever the viewer decides they see.















1195B Versailles Road, Lexington KY 40508