With the sacrifice of a thousand mountain goats and the feather of an unladen African Swallow, I made a solemn oath that I wouldn’t nerd out on here with insurance lingo and complex risk management strategies, I mean, try reading the following sentence without audibly snoring:

“While the market value of a home may* be an accurate determiner of ‘Dwelling A’ coverage (and what the house should realistically be insured for), we have to instead accurately weigh associated rebuilding costs at current labor and material rates in the immediate geographic region, adjusting for the homeowner’s comfort level and budget for premium.”


Honestly, my grand scheme is for those of you who think of insurance purely on a “GAAAAHHHH… this crap again!?” level, can digest the definitions and themes I’ll cover with a little more ease, or at least, you won’t leave scratching your head even more. Unless you have lice, then you need to get that checked out.

100% of the things I talk about are accounted for below in these weird circle things. Click any of the titles to blow your mind…

Or, start reading these posts, and don’t stop until you know everything…

Replacement Cost

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The Competition

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Ryan Camenisch – Keller Williams

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The Man, the Myth, the Agent: Matt Pascucci

I know what you’re thinking-

What is a man with such a magnificent mustache doing in the exciting world of Personal Lines Insurance?

I’ll be honest- it’s not easy, this mustache is kind of a hassle. My wife thinks I look like a gold prospector from the mid-1800’s, and it annoys me because it’s itchy and crumbs get caught in it.  There’s a distinct look of confusion when I meet people that says, “Does he know…?”

I do, kind stranger. I do.

Anyway, I’m a Personal Lines (Auto, Home, Life, Renter, Boat, ATV, etc.) Insurance Agent at Liberty Mutual Insurance in Lexington, KY. For legal reasons, I will mention that all content, opinions, and humorous writing on this site is my own, and has no affiliation with Liberty Mutual or their products or services. 

Really, I just love insurance, and I legitimately enjoy educating people on the nuances of their policies, and how they can best protect their assets and their families. This blog will only scratch the surface, but I’d love it if my own clients and others out there could come away at least a little wiser to how insurance can work for you. And feel free to ask questions, that’s what this is all for! Enjoy, and let me know if you’d like to see something discussed, I’m glad to take a shot at anything.